My Virtual Bookkeeper

My Virtual Bookkeeper

Our mission is to streamline your business’ financial process by providing you with stellar financial services and serving as the primary channel for all your financial processing.

In support of this mission, we’ve developed a unique service to help you meet your financial goals. My Virtual Bookkeeper allows small and mid-sized businesses the convenience of having an on-call, dedicated bookkeeper, without the expense of hiring an in-house staff. And our remote capabilities mean that we can access and update your financial files instantly, ensuring timely, accurate financial upkeep - without breaking the bank!

How It Works

More Than Bookkeeping meets with you to create a financial health plan and develop a schedule. On scheduled days, we use a secure website to transfer financial files from your organization to MTB’s secure servers, or MTB uses a secure remote login program to view and access financial files on your server in real time. The process allows MTB to process financials in real time remotely and securely from our offices.

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