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Our Bookkeeping Services Protect Your Business

At More Than Bookkeeping, we offer the services small businesses and organizations need to run, thrive and expand. Countless clients have benefitted from our customized, coordinated services that include:

Full Charge Bookkeeping. From budgeting to financial reporting, More Than Bookkeeping keeps the foundation of your organization going with stellar, continuous bookkeeping services.

Invoicing/Accounts Receivable. Often small businesses are too busy doing client work to find the time for invoicing. More Than Bookkeeping will develop an invoice schedule and follow through on all accounts to encourage and track timely payments from clients.

Collections. Inevitably, your business or organization will run into the problem of client non-payment. More Than Bookkeeping handles collections legally and in keeping with the professional standards of your organization.

Bill Payment/Accounts Payable. You work hard to develop and maintain quality relationships with your vendors. More Than Bookkeeping makes sure they are paid in a timely manner.

Bank Reconciliations. Business owners know that Cash is King. Given that, hand-in-hand with bookkeeping, we provide bank reconciliation services via QuickBooks or other programs so your on-hand cash situation is apparent at all times.

Payroll Services. In addition to processing payroll, More Than Bookkeeping’s holistic approach to financial services means that you will be alerted in advance to any impediment to making your payroll. Our payroll services are a budget-friendly alternative to “big-box” payroll companies.

QuickBooks Training. Learning QuickBooks for in-house bookkeeping and maintenance is a critical but time-draining task for many organizations. No matter what your experience level, our simple, streamlined approach will get you get up-to-speed on basic QuickBooks features.

Streamlining Financial Services. Serving as a conduit through which all your financial services can flow, More Than Bookkeeping interfaces with all your financial vendors to create one slick, efficient financial machine!

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Comprehensive Services That Form a Complete Financial Picture.